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Facelift Miami

Lifetime lift facelift procedure that, as Dr. Salas of Vanity Cosmetic Surgery says “Defies gravity.” By elevating and replacing rudiments of the façade, containing skin and subcutaneous tissue to where it belongs leaves the patient’s visage rejuvenated. The facelift miami surgery, or Rhytidectomy surgery, from the Greek words ‘Rytida’, which means wrinkle, and ‘Ectomy’ which means removal, known as a procedure which reverses evidence of aging on the face. Statistics prove that the natural facelift has become increasingly more popular among men and women worldwide; becoming the leading cosmetic surgical procedure turned to as aging begins to become apparent on the face. As the natural facelift process of ageing, lifestyle choices, sun and wind damage, diet, and genetics become evident on our faces, there seems to be many esthetic procedures that assist in defying the appearance of gravity. When the face no longer reflects the youthful spirit and energy level of a patient, one begins to seek solutions. The traditional natural facelift should be known as the true method to rejuvenating the appearance.

A Facelift can improve certain aspects of the face such as:

  • The mid-face begins to sag
  • Creases form below the lower eyelids
  • Creases form by the nose lengthening to the mouth corners
  • Fat that has been displaced
  • The loss of muscle tone around the chin and jawlines.
  • Loose skin around the chin, mouth, face and eyes.

The traditional mini facelift, a Rhytidectomy surgery, may be considered the most comprehensive way to address multiple signs of aging- from forehead to the neck, and all areas in between. Known as the method with the best control of reallocating fat, transposition muscle and precisely treating excess skin. The reduction of excess or sagging facial skin, deep facial creases, redistributed facial fat pockets, and tightening of soft tissues of the face restores a more youthful contour to the face. Facelifts can be very rewarding if done properly and with the correct medical staff to meet your needs and fulfill your unique desires. Vanity Cosmetic surgery Miami, Hialeah, Broward offers a variety of board certified surgeon’s facelift capable of fulfilling any desire a patient requires. A face lift surgery can be very promising if done correctly.

facelift miami

Forehead Lift at Vanity

The brow and forehead often shows the first signs of aging. When surrounded by excess sagging, hooded eyelids, creases in the eye lids, or low heavy eyebrows, our appearance alters, and age can even be accentuated. For a rejuvenated, more youthful appearance in the upper portion on your face, this procedure will reverse the effects of aging.

Lower Facelift Procedure and Upper Eyelids Procedure

The eyes may be the windows to the soul and one of the most enticing features of the face. Therefore it should be understandable why many patients with sagging or heavy eyelids choose to follow through with the eyelid procedure, or Blepharoplasty surgery. The lifting and repositioning of skin and fat, removal of “bags” and wrinkles, and overall brightening results leave patients looking more rested and youthful.

The Mid Face

Round facial contour and fullness of the cheeks can be reflective of youth and beauty. One of the earliest signs of ageing appears to be sagging cheeks, which often flatten and lengthen with age. As its name suggests, the mini lift procedure focuses on the central third part of the face, and/or the cheeks among the eyes and the upper lip portion. The mini face lift procedure readjusts the sagging fat of the cheek over the cheekbone, improving the tear trough and bagginess of the lower lids to restore youthful fullness and a naturally refreshed appearance.

Lower Facelift and Neck

In youth, the face appears full, smooth, and positioned high on the face. As we age, our skin, muscles and underlying tissues loosen and descend due to gravity and fat deflation. The benefits of this lower facelift procedure include: A reduction of sagging skin, reduction of jowls, recreation of a smoother jawline, elevation of the lower facelift and mid-cheek, reduction of marionette lines (the “bulldog” look), creation of a stronger chin as well as its underside, reduction of the turkey neck and a smoothing of the neck contour.

Problems addressed with a facelift surgery

  • Loss of the elasticity in the face
  • Muscle tone diminishes due to age
  • Jawbones
  • Creases between your mouth and the bottom of your nose
  • Chin and neck lose their contour.

Up-to-date facelift methods, more urbane than ever, can be proficient in making you look ages fresher.

Long Lasting Facelift Procedures

After having the face lift procedure done it may take several months for the swelling on the face to subside. Nevertheless, the face seems flawless and many years younger after the procedure. In order to maintain your appearance long lasting make sure to use sun protection to maintain the rejuvenation. This will help minimize sun aging spots and life long protection from the sun. Furthermore, a healthy lifestyle will also help lengthen the outcomes of your renewed and more young-looking presence.

facelift miami

Candidates for a Facelift Hialeah

A facelift can only be done surgically; non-surgical rejuvenation treatment will not accomplish the same outcomes, although I can prolong the time in which you would need the surgical facelift procedure. Facelift cosmetic surgery could be an extremely personalized method and should be done for you, not for someone else’s wishes.

Who Qualifies for a Facelift Broward?

  • Physically healthy
  • No smoking
  • Having Positive thoughts on your soon to be appearance.

Preparing for surgery and what to expect:

Having a Facelift surgery can chance your life, but in order to prepare for a surgery there may be certain step to take such as, getting rid of smoking drinking or any other medications that may not be allotted by the physician in charge.
Sufficiently preparing for facelift operation can keep you tranquil and well before, during, and after the process. Always make sure to have the clothes you need for discharge and transportation arranged for the aftercare of the surgery. A facelift surgery can be very rewarding with the right steps being followed.

When completing a facelift surgery there may be two steps included which may be:

Anesthesia for your Facelift

The choices comprise of an intravenous sedation and/or a general anesthesia is used for traditional surgery facelift and laser facelift. The doctor will always recommend the best option for you since everyone articulates differently.

The incision

Although every facelift surgery required a different technique, today we will be discussing the traditional facelift and how the incisions may be done. A traditional facelift incision usually starts where the hairline begins at the temples and continues over the ear and the surgeon ends in by the scalp. Fat can also be used for the sculpting of the new face and molding. The fat acts like clay when renewing the face. The fat may be shaped accordingly and placed accordingly. Fundamental tissue may be relocated; usually the deeper layers of the face may also be lifted. The skin may then be rewrapped over the improved contours and leftover skin may be trimmed away. After that a second incision made under the chin might be essential to additionally improve a maturing neck. In order to close the incision a suture or the adhesives may be used. This can be combined with laser face lifts for the best results.

Post-Surgery at Vanity

When your surgery has completed, a dressing should be placed over your face to minimize the swelling and bruising of the surgery. A slim tube might be added to drain or get rid of any extras blood or fluid that may or may not gather under the skin. After the surgery the surgeon will always give details on the recovery and what to expect during the process. The recovery process usually takes a few months for all the swelling to diminish and for you to feel 100% comfortable again.

Ask your surgeon questions on what to expect after the Procedure:

  • After surgery, where will I be taken?
  • What type of medication will I be prescribed?
  • When do I know I have to remove my bandages?
  • How do I know when stiches will be removed?
  • When can I begin to lead my normal life again after the surgery?
  • When should I schedule for my follow up?

Facelift Frequently Asked Questions

Would you agree that facelifts might be one of the most popular surgeries out there today?
Certainly, I think that facelifts acquire a huge part of the plastic surgery field and have grown in popularity in the more current times, since the plastic surgery field has become more conventional, if I could say that.
So, could you explain exactly what a facelift consist of? I think a lot of people have heard the term but don’t know exactly what it means.
I think the name “facelift”, sounds pretty fitting. We’re lifting the face. Different rudiments of the face may be affected by gravity and time unfortunately, and what we do consist of, essentially, putting everything back where it came from. Challenging gravity if you may, practically elevating and replacing the rudiments of the face; containing the skin and subcutaneous layer to where it should belongs and hopefully rejuvenating the patients’ visage a little bit.
Who would be the perfect candidate?
Firstly, someone in good wellbeing and secondly, really depending on the patients’ requests and their concerns, what they would like or want to improve would put them in different categories as to whether a facelift would be the right procedure for them. There can be a number of patients that, with different stages of maturing, show different concerns, some of which can be miniscule and can be treated with non-invasive processes. When it comes down to the time where we start getting to a point where skin folds and wrinkling may be noted then we can invest into a procedure like a surgical facelift.
There may be many procedures for facelifts. Which procedure do you most often use within your practice?
There’s a varied amount of plastic surgery procedures that can be offered for the face, stemming from what may be called the thread facelift all the way to the different varieties of the facelift. We prefer to stay with the supplementary tried and factual full facelift. Some of the fresher more innovated methods have inconsistent results and there’s not great evidence to support switching to that just yet. We would like to experience stronger evidence in courtesy of those methods before we translate into those methods, and so our preference leads to going with the more tried and true methods of facelifts.

Risks and Side Effects

Facelift known to be a communal and a naturally prosperous procedure, but like almost any operation, it can bare risks. Do your researches on qualified surgeons like the ones available in Vanity Cosmetic Surgery? With a Qualified surgeon you can lessen any risk and side effects caused by a facelift surgery. Although a facelift can completely change your appearance it can also cause problems such as, damages to the nerves, scarring that may be visible, swelling, yellowing, and vigorous pain.

Natural Facelift Surgery Costs

The facelift surgery for men or facelift surgery for women costs depends only on the type of procedure that you are going to perform.

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by Ismael Labrador MD
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Which doctors will perform this procedure at Vanity Cosmetic Surgery?

At Vanity Cosmetic Surgery, multiple skilled board certified doctors perform this procedure. Dr. Anthony Hasan, Dr. Jonathan Fisher, Dr. Enrique Pelayo, Dr. Rafael Salas, Dr. Rami Ghurani, and Dr. Siddharth Bass, extremely talented surgeons that perform this procedure at Vanity Cosmetic Surgery. All board certified and have an acquired wealth of experience, expertise and very high rankings in patient satisfaction. Vanity cosmetic surgery has a team of surgeons who belong to the respected and accredited organizations in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

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The team of surgeons at Vanity Cosmetic Surgery has astounding credibility, impeccable credentials and sky high success rates. Vanity Cosmetic Surgery has some of Miami’s most trusted surgeons offering the best possible service and care for their patients. Our surgeons belong to various professional and scientific societies with many published scientific articles. An overview of their accomplishments and qualifications follows.

  • Harvard medical graduates
  • Board certified in Internal Medicine
  • Medical and specialist training in applying Botox and Juvederm injections
  • Diplomat in Internal Medicine
  • Recognition as the most outstanding dermatology surgeon from graduating class
  • The world most foremost expert in the field of TUBA procedures with over 20000 successful TUBA breast implants
  • Double board certified plastic surgeons specializing in different areas of cosmetic surgery of the body and face.
  • American Academy of Dermatology
  • American Society for Dermatologic Surgery
  • American Academy for Cosmetic Surgery
  • American Society for Moh’s Surgery
  • Candidate Member, American Society of plastic Surgeons
  • Diplomat, American Board of Otolaryngology
  • Florida Board of Medicine
  • California Board of Medicine
  • American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • American board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • Member, American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
  • American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
  • American Medical Association
  • Dade County Medical Association
  • Florida Medical Society