Liposuction for Weight Loss? Questions – Real Life Answers

Dr. Anthony Hasan’s Answer:

The first thing we need to focus on is the presentation, we have to determine if the patient is even a Lipo candidate. There is a number of things we need to check, for the quality of skin. If the patient has stretch marks? If the patient has skin laxity? Does the patient have children, and did the children have a toll on the appearance of the patient? Which can affect the muscle structure that’s underneath the fat. These are important things that need to be evaluated in order to determine if Liposuction for weight loss would be the best option for that patient.

Once that is determined, then our options are either going with the Tummy Tuck or just to keep it simple with the Liposuction.

If the patient has a little bit of skin laxity and would like to have some toning of that skin in conjunction with fat removal, maybe we can consider a laser procedure. If the patient is a little larger then we expect, then maybe we recommend losing some weight first and then come back for a Liposuction procedure.

It is really critical that we get to see a patient and get a feel for what would be the best option for that patient.

Dr. Ismael Labrador
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by Ismael Labrador MD
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon